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There are a few different components relevant for anyone who wants to test AppFlow or start integrating with it;

  • Flow Processing Service (FPS) - handles initiation requests and processes the flows
  • AppFlow Configuration - provides flow configurations and settings tailored for developers
  • Payment Initiation Sample - sample to query AppFlow and initiate flows
  • Flow Service Sample - sample that provides value added functions in the flow
  • Payment Service Sample - sample that illustrates the function of a payment application in AppFlow

These components are all provided as part of a developer bundle.

If any of these components changes, a new bundle will be created and published to this page for downloads. In the table below you can see what versions of each component is and what API version they are integrated with.

Note that these components require Android API level 21+ (v5.0, Lollipop and above). Also note that AppFlow is not supported on the Albert device.


Bundle Release Date FPS Config Provider API + Samples
v11 2019-05-30 2.1.2 2.1.0 2.1.2

See here for more details on what is in the bundle and how to use the apps.

Release notes

See Release notes page for information on major updates to the APIs or other components.

Introduction Downloads

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Developer Bundle

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