About AEVI

Who is AEVI? AEVI provides the content, services and the device-agnostic platform to enable merchant payment solution providers to move and manage their classic payments propositions into a new value-added world of apps, payments and smart devices. The AEVI Platform helps merchant payment solution providers at any stage of their digital strategy to tailor solutions to their merchant base.
What is a merchant? A merchant is a person or company who supplies goods or services, this can include retailers, coffee shops, restaurants, beauty salons and many more.
What is an acquirer/ merchant payment solution provider? A financial organization that provides businesses with the means to accept cashless payments, also known as merchant banks . This includes payment processing and supplying the payment terminal.
Why have apps at the point of sale? Our App Marketplace can help merchants to streamline their daily management and improve customer service—from smart cash registers, to loyalty, employee management, inventory, and much more--with analytics to provide the most accurate depiction of what is happening in-store in real time.
Which markets does AEVI work in? We are a global company, currently active in North and South America and Europe.
Who are AEVI's customers? Merchant payment solution providers, which means merchant acquirers, independent sales organizations (ISOs), and value-added resellers (VARs).
What hardware does AEVI work with? We are hardware-agnostic, meaning that we can AEVI-Enable Android smart payment terminals from multiple vendors, offering our end users the choice and flexibility they need to run their business best.
Who are AEVI's end customers? We work with our clients to offer solutions to their SMBs/SMEs in a wide range of verticals. We tailor our offering to match the merchant’s business needs and provide a range of functionalities through our App Partners to ensure we improve businesses for as many merchants as possible.
What is AEVI’s App Marketplace? AEVI’s App Marketplace gives merchant payment solution providers access to a wide selection of third-party apps that run on smart payment devices. It expands the market for the App Partners who only need to write to a single integration point to run their app alongside others on any AEVI-Enabled devices from multiple vendors. We advise merchant payment solution providers on how to bundle apps for their merchants in tailored all-in-one solutions.
What is the difference between the App Marketplace and the App Showcase? The App Marketplace is the entire solution and offering related to having apps available on the point of sale (to understand more, read What is the App Marketplace). The App Showcase is our public facing app catalogue, which can be seen on this website.
What is the App Showcase? The App Showcase is where we display the apps available on our App Marketplace to the public. It is one of the first places our clients and prospects go to understand our offering, so it is a great marketing tool for our App Partners.

Partner with us

Why work with AEVI? What are the benefits for developers? Access a new and unique sales channel: Offer your app at a smart POS, combining payments to apps and giving merchants a tool that lets them streamline their business in one device. Increase your sales force: Be introduced to a variety of merchants by a trusted source, their payment provider. Be part of a team: Gain more visibility and value by being offered with a group of apps in a tailored bundle that best fits specific merchants.
Do I have to integrate with all apps on AEVI’s Marketplace? By integrating with our solution your app will automatically be integrated with others in our marketplace. This allows a wide range of apps to work together seamlessly to provide the maximum value for the end user.
How do developers join AEVI’s App Marketplace? It is quick and easy! You can show us you are interested in becoming a part of our community of App Partners by signing up and creating a company and app profile. Once you’ve submitted your information, one of our App Portfolio Managers will respond and discuss the next steps.
Does AEVI develop its own apps? We work with third party app developers and promote them through our App Showcase. This leaves us able to work with multiple app providers to provide our customers with the choice and flexibility they need.
What are the costs to join AEVI’s Marketplace? It is completely free! We don’t charge you to be listed on our global marketplace or to develop for our platform.

Signing up

I invited a user with their personal email ID/wrong email ID and they have activated their account. How do I change their email ID? Navigate to the 'Users' tab under 'My Organization'. Click 'Edit' against the user whom you would like to change the email id for and enter the new email ID. Note that the change will only refect on the Users table once the user has accepted the invite through the new email ID.
What happens if the user I invited has lost their invitation email? You can resend the invitation to the user, by navigating to the 'Users' tab under 'My Organization', and clicking on 'Resend Invite' against the user record.
I lost the confirmation email to activate my account, how do I confirm my account again? On the Login panel, at the very bottom, you will see the link 'Didn't receive confirmation instructions?'. Click on that link and enter your email ID and you will received a new link to confirm your account. Generating a new confirmation link invalidates any earlier activation emails sent.
What does the 'Remember me' option do on the Login panel? Checking the 'Remember me' option allows you to stay logged in for two weeks, while a regular logged-in session will stay logged in for 8 hours or until you log out, whichever is earlier.
I have created an account for my company, how do I invite my colleagues? Go to the section titled 'My Organization' and navigate to the 'Users' tab. Once you enter the email of the user and click 'Send an invitation', you will see a new section called 'Pending Invites', with the email ID of the user whom you just invited. Once the user has accepted the invite, their details will show up against the list of users in your organization.
What happens if my organization loses access to its admin account? Get in touch with us and we will be glad to help you with that.
Why do I need an account? If you are browsing for information about our products, you won't need an account to access most of our open APIs. You should sign up for an account when you feel you have an app you would like to talk to us about. You should also sign up if you would like access to any of the restricted content.
What is a Developer admin? A Developer admin is anyone who can invite other users to your company account on the AEVI Developer Portal, can edit their details and can also edit the details of your company as shared with us in the 'My Organization' section.
I sent out an invite to a user with the incorrect email ID. How do I change the email ID of the invite? If the email ID was incorrect on the invite, and the user hasn't accepted the invite, you can create a new invite with the correct details. You can also inform us to delete the pending invite with the incorrect details.
I invited a user and they are not able to accept the invitation and set up their account - what can I do? Invitation links last for a week from the time they are sent. If it has been over a week, you can resend the invite. If you have already resent an invite and the user clicks on an old invite, the old invite won't be valid anymore.
Why can't I see the list of Organizations that have signed up so I will know if my company already has an account? For confidentiality, we do not disclose the list of Organizations that have registered with us, although you can see what apps are already in the Marketplace. You can always get in touch with us for any help with locating your company account/Developer admin.
I don't get any confirmation whether my email ID is registered or not in the 'Forgot your password?'/ 'Didn't receive confirmation instructions' sections on the Login panel. How do I know which email ID I registered with? For security reasons, we don't disclose if an email ID is registered on our system or not. In the first instance, you can speak with your Developer admin or a colleague who is also registered on our Developer Portal.
I am trying to sign up to create an account and I get a message saying that 'Someone from this company has already registered an account with us'. What can I do? The first user who signs up for an account on behalf of your company is automatically assigned Developer admin rights to the account. You can ask your colleagues to find out who that is and request an invite from them.
How do I delete users from my account? To delete users from your account, get in touch with us and we can help.
How do I make someone else a Developer admin? Navigate to the 'Users' tab under 'My Organization'. Click 'Edit' against the user whom you would like to make a Developer admin and check the corresponding box. Note that only users who have accepted their invites can be made Developer admins.
How do I delete my account? If, for any reason, you would like to delete your account, please get in touch with us and we can help.

Publish apps

Who will have access to my company information? We value your privacy and ensure only the App Portfolio Managers and AEVI internal staff will have access to your company information.
What if I am an App Partner and do not want my app visible on the website? No problem! If you let us know, we will not publish your app. We still need your company and app information, but we will make sure it does not go live until you wish us to.
Is it mandatory to fill in information about my company? No, but it is very helpful for us to learn more about your app when discussing the partnership and when showing our clients your app.
I am an App Partner and I do not see my app on the App Showcase, how can I include it there? All you need to do is to click on the Sign Up page to create a Company Profile. Once that is done, click on ‘Create an App’ and upload your marketing materials.
How can I include my app on your app showcase? Start by signing up and creating an account for your company on our Developer Portal. Once you have set up an account, you need to fill in the information under ‘My Organization’ and on ‘My apps’ click on ‘Create an app’. The application short description will be on display on the main App Showcase page, therefore it needs to be under 120 characters. Please make sure that any images you include on the ‘Showcase’ tab are high quality, as they may be used on sales and marketing material.

Uploading APKs

Why should I upload an Android Package Kit (APK)? It is a great way for us to learn more about your app, its functionalities and how it can be best used by our clients’ merchants. It is also the best way for us to have access to your app in case we need to demo it at client meetings, events, workshops, and so forth.
Who has access to my APK? We value your privacy and ensure only the App Portfolio Managers will have access to your APK.
Is it mandatory for me to upload an APK? No, but it is very helpful for us to learn more about your app when discussing the partnership and when showing our clients your app.
How do I get my APK deleted? All you need to do is to let us know through the ‘Contact us’ button and we will delete any information you have sent to us.

Request access

How do I request access to restricted content? You will first need to create an account or make sure you are associated with an account that is registered with us. You can then click 'Request Access' for the documentation you'd like to view and a member of our team will get in touch with you to help you gain access.
Why do I need to request access to some content? Due to the nature of the what AEVI does, some APIs have to be restricted and can only be shared once the relevant legal and privacy agreements are in place.