AddicTill is a mobile Point of Sale with offline functionality. We cover all merchant verticals and can offer technical integration with existing e-commerce and accounting software.


  • Customisable Receipts: Customise your physical and email receipts with a logo and message.
  • Full Reports: View & Download your reports in XML, CSV formats.
  • Detailed Overview: See your daily, weekly and monthly sales overview at a glance in the online dashboard.
  • Email and SMS Receipts: Send your receipts directly to your customer’s email inbox or phone.
  • Inventory Management: Manage your inventory at device, store and warehouse level.
  • Employee PINs: Track employee logins and sales via a personal employee access code.
  • Custom Product Catalogue: Show different products and categories on different devices in different stores.
  • Accounting: Integrate with Xero, Intuit and other accounting software to automatically send all of your transactions to your accounting provider.
  • Multiple Tax Regions: Easily set up stores in multiple countries and tax regions around the world.
  • Bulk Import: Automatically import all your products at once without adding them manually.
  • PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, and Lightspeed Integration: Directly download your products, variants and customers from your Ecommerce Provider into the app, and sync POS orders back to your Ecommerce Provider for up-to-date stock and analytics.
  • Business Rules: Set specific rules to generate discount based on purchase behavior, products purchased or product categories.