Do your documents have an annoying habit of disappearing when you need them the most? Do you keep everything a little too safe to find it when you actually require them? Do you struggle to keep all your team on the the same page with your documents? Are you losing time, money and your peace of mind on documents?

Not anymore. Get ALLDOX, a powerful & secure tool to make you, your team and your business always organised with documents.

Scan, store, find & share them anytime, anywhere – in most secure way! With high level encryption and bank like security protocols ALLDOX is secure & private – its’ your ‘Electronic Safety Deposit Vault’ !

Key features:

  • Multi user plus an admin account with shared private storage space. Your business can have public, shared and individual document storage with easy and flexible rights management. You have your private notice board too.

  • Upload, Manage & Search your documents from anywhere – you can even auto upload documents via mail using ‘AutoDox’, an exclusive feature created for busy people like you.

  • Scan paper documents effortlessly with device camera anytime, anywhere.

  • Manage and track original paper documents – Never forget where you keep your original documents, so safe that you don’t even remember where they are! Always remember to get your originals that you have given to someone else. ALLDOX is your trusted virtual assistant.

  • Alerts – Get alerts to pay your bills on time or renew a license.

  • Two factor security – For a more secure account access.

  • Offline Documents – Access and manage your documents even when you are not connected.

  • ShareRoom – Create a data room for easy and safe sharing for your document with others or for a project with multiple participants including external partners.

  • Sign on the go – No need to rush to a printer or scanner to sign a document.