When paying with cash, customers can enter their phone number into the AEVI device to receive their cash change to their phone number rather than in loose coins and/or bills. Instead of fumbling around the cash drawer, Merchants simply turn the AEVI screen and allow the customer to complete the transaction within seconds. Customers only need a phone number and can cash out their change to their bank account, Amazon or donate to charity.

Additionally, cash customers are a very valuable component of a merchant’s business currently ignored. CoinOut captures them for merchants and provides smart, effective loyalty tools to get them back in the shop and spending more.

Customers like experiences that make their life easier CoinOut provides a fun, convenient way to save coin change. Customers enjoy it and feel as though they have found money they wouldn’t use otherwise.

Cash customers are valuable Your cash customers walk out the door without being able to reach them later. This is a missed opportunity to follow up; we capture them for you.

CoinOut provides you with the loyalty tools Send an SMS follow up on a certain schedule or for one-off events, promotions, etc. We help you best communicate to get them back into your store.