DAVO Sales Tax removes the constant headache of managing sales tax every month or quarter. Never worry about having enough money set aside or remembering to file and pay sales tax on-time. DAVO easily integrates into your POS and uses sales data to automatically put aside the sales tax you collect daily. When your sales tax is due, monthly or quarterly, DAVO files and pays it for you, GUARANTEED. You do nothing, the entire process is seamless and automatic. DAVO is intended for brick and mortar merchants, not e-commerce.

Features - Sales Tax automatically set aside daily - Monthly/Quarterly Sales Tax filed and paid on-time and in-full, GUARANTEED - Tax Return and Payment confirmations emailed - “On-Time Filing” discounts refunded in 26 states - Daily Sales Tax Report email - DAVO Merchant Portal with unlimited data storage of reports, tax returns and payments - Less expensive than other tax compliance options - First Month Free - No long-term contract or cancellation fee