With Loyalzoo, create and run your own loyalty program in under 2 minutes, and engage customers through points notifications and promotions delivered by SMS/text, email or push. Customers do not need to use an app to participate. Merchants who run their loyalty program with Loyalzoo grow revenues by 11% on average, by simply increasing customer retention, and without reducing margins.

Loyalzoo is the best integrated loyalty system for Aevi terminals. It is headache free, with no training required.

• No more paper or plastic cards - completely digital loyalty solution • Customers can join your loyalty program by giving you their email address/mobile number, or via the Loyalzoo mobile app • Sign customers up directly from your POS terminal, via the customer facing screen, or separate tablet • Can be setup to issue loyalty points for your online store too (please get in touch if you have an e-commerce store or online ordering system) • Send 2 Promotions per month (via SMS, email or push) to re-engage and pull customers back in-store, or upgrade to the promo add-on to send up to 4 • Handsfree marketing segments customers between “new”, VIP or “slipping away”, and automatically sends the right offer via email, SMS or push notification • Free POS marketing material posted to you, to help you promote your new loyalty program • Easily migrate customer data from competing loyalty systems (eg Fivestars, Appcard, Customer Connect, etc) • Upload customer profile pictures • Unlimited enrolled customers • Supports multiple locations - points are shared among different stores