We offer a broad range of benefits across the retail and hospitality sectors, including increased viability through comprehensive data reports. This empowers customers with the foresight they need to be flexible in challenging economic times. These reports offer a range of insights which can empower business owners to act on operational inefficiencies, cutting costs, protecting profits and driving revenue.

Epos Now’s intelligent design and modern interface increases speed of service, improving working practices across multiple industries. Productivity, efficiency and employee engagement are increased through the intuitive, user friendly design.

Customer retention is boosted through improved customer experience. Target customers through personalised marketing campaigns, loyalty schemes and promotions at the push of a button through the Epos Now interface.

The cloud based system allows SMEs to operate away from their premises and protects valuable data should the hardware be damaged or corrupted. This system is completely scalable allowing SMEs to grow without being restricted by their EPOS system.