Minimum System Requirements FactoryPOS Android: Minimum version of Android 4.4 Minimum screen size 4 “. Recommended minimum RAM memory: 1 GB. Recommended Minimum CPU: Dualcore 1 GHz. Recommended minimum storage capacity: 8 GB. System functionality: Sales of products with a fixed price. Sales of products with manual price. Multiple price levels. Sales using barcodes. Sales of products by weight. Barcodes with integrated price or weight. Selection of consumption area and tables. Selection of the number of diners. Identification of users / employees. Use of identification devices. Assignment of customers to a sale. Credit sales to customers. Multiple ways of payment. Printers and Displays in kitchen. Assignment of the order of dishes. Articles in one or several languages. Supplements and modifiers. Use of Pack type items or Menus. Balance transfer between tables. Invoice split payment & division. Discount to one item or the entire sale. Tip calculation, manual or automatic. Payments not related to sales. Non-sales revenue. Cash closings by shifts. Cash declaration obligation. Automatic daily Z closings. Reports and statistics by email. Export to CSV and PDF. System Configuration: User language (more than 20 languages available). Country or region where the software is installed (more than 30 regions available). Business model (5 models available). Peripherals and Devices. Languages in the system. Ticket header and footer text. Currencies (main and alternatives). Payment methods. Taxes calculation. Employees and their access permissions. Document types (Ticket, Invoice, Ballot …). Types of service offered by the establishment. Item’s matrix (sizes and colors). Groups for statistical generation. Modifiers. Pack and menu Items. Dish preparation order. Purchases & Sales price levels. Families and Items. Consumption areas and tables. Discounts, by percentage and by amount. Customer database. Supplier database. Tips. System parameters. Link to payment terminals. Link to other applications. System Statistics: Shifts and Daily Cash reports. X reports (partial before closing the day). Z reports (day closings, manual or automatic). Electronic Journal. Ticket sales. Sales by months. Item sales. Sales by article families. Sales by payment methods. Sales by employees. Accumulated sales for taxes. Detailed sales by tax and days. Tips for employees. Annual comparison of sales by months. Monthly comparison of sales by days. Customer balances and debts. Comparison of price levels. Theoretical benefits. Customer sales amounts. Amount of sales by clients. Average ticket amount per customer. Invitations made. Sales by hourly segments. Coupons pending to redeem. Group sales. Ticket lines canceled. Tickets canceled. Entrances and exits of employees.