Point Of Sale - ONLINE & OFFLINE Continuous up-time no matter what. Your data will automatically reach the Cloud when you are online. - EMENU Update your online eMenu at the same time your restaurant menu and keep your customers well-informed. - USER ACCOUNTS Create individual staff accounts to track performance. Easily manage user access to increase security. - DISCOUNTS / NOTES Allow your staff to offer discounts and set the limits. Keep informed with notes to help you track events.

Performance - CENTRALISED DATA Manage your outlet from outside and have all data available anytime and from anywhere. - CLOUD & LEGACY We have united the best of both Worlds so your performance is secure, flexible and optimised.

Orders - ORDER STATION This is the ordering solution for restaurants doing table service no matter the size. - QUICK ORDER Perfect for over-the-counter service and quick transactions. This is ideal for businesses that do not use waiters. - SELF-ORDERING Letting your customers order themselves is possibly one of the greatest tools you can introduce today. - KITCHEN DISPLAY UNIT Painlessly track all customer orders and work diligently towards completing your service - PROGRESS STATION Allows staff to understand what is happening in the whole outlet at a glance. Payments - SPLIT BILLS Split bills easily by accepting multiple payment types from your customers, making their experience smoother. - GIFT CARDS & VOUCHERS Increase your revenue by issuing gift cards and vouchers and keeping track of them.