ShoppiGo is the first social commerce platform of its kind that allows users to not only discover exclusive promos for products and share their findings, but also grants the ability to purchase items without existing profile pages. Users receive the best tips instantly, as well as many exclusive ShoppiGo offers, and business owners have the tools to attract traffic from social media. On top of that, businesses can market their best offers known to interested ShoppiGo users.

With ShoppiGo for Business, users can easily attract and convert new customers from social networks. The system also simplifies order management and customer relationship management.

ShoppiGo puts businesses at a significant advantage. By helping you match your products and services to your customers’ interests, ShoppiGo for Business increases dramatically the probability of reaching your target consumers. This leads to fast and massive income generation thanks to high quality coming from social search engines. With the social media element that comes with ShoppiGo for businesses, customers will soon become your brand ambassadors and influencers, as customer reviews and recommendationswill give you the traction you need to gain more and more sales.

ShoppiGo users can opt to have their window shop embedded to their existing website or have it function as their e-commerce store. The platform also offers a vast selection of management and sales tools designed for store promotions and set up offers for your customers. Whilst giving users an awesome social e-commerce platform for promotion and advertising, ShoppiGo also eliminates barriers of communication between business owners and customers. It can help you improve your customer service by ensuring your customers are 100% satisfied every time.