If you value customer feedback for your business, you’ll no doubt be frustrated by the unreliable collection methods that exist today. To get regular, accurate insight that helps you make informed business decisions, feedback has to be quick and easy for the customer to give, seamlessly fitting into their overall experience – something they can do without fear of marketing follow-up or backlash. Introducing TruRating: simple and anonymous customer feedback at the point of payment.

How does it work?

Once activated, one of 5 simple questions will appear on the terminal screen during each payment process. Consumers will be able to anonymously rate an aspect of their experience with you just by pressing 0-9 (0 being terrible, 9 amazing). Custom questions can even be added, allowing you to gather insight on the issues important to you. Each consumer rating then feeds your easy-to-use analytics dashboard, accessible online or on-the-go via our app. The ratings also power a free consumer profile page on, enabling you to show off your validated ratings and attract new customers.

Dashboard features:

Stats over time: Keep track of your ratings performance, average transaction values and number of transactions over time.

What next:

Clear guidance on which of the core experience areas you should focus on in order to gain the greatest increase in average transaction value.


A breakdown of your customers into those who are fans, indifferent or disappointed, allowing you to identify the scale ofthe opportunity for improvement.

Custom question

Track the results of any custom questions you choose to ask in your venues.


See where you stand in comparison to other branches within your organisation, and in comparison to your peers.

Best time of the day:

Track which times of day your customer experience is at its best.