What if every SMB could have their own, branded, loyalty program, built right into their payment tools? That is vLoyalty!

  • Automatic enrollment at the POS
  • Automatic payment triggered mobile messaging
  • Reward status available on Merchant’s Facebook page
  • Automatic reward redemption at the POS in real time
  • Enables SMBs to KYC and engage!
  • No additional loyalty cards to carry
  • No mobile App to download
  • No Registration, No Username, No Password
  • No employee training required
  • No payment process Interruptions

What is vLoyalty?

vLoyalty is a cloud-based, payment terminal-integrated card-linked loyalty and customer engagement program that delivers dramatically simplified rewards and offers experiences for bricks-and-mortar and omnichannel merchants to know and engage their customers. vLoyalty enables direct customer engagement via merchant’s payment terminals and receipts as well as through mobile/SMS, email, and social channels, while seamlessly automating customer enrollment, points tracking, targeted messaging and special offers delivery, and real-time rewards and offers redemption.

Who is it for?

vLoyalty powers loyalty and customer engagement solutions for merchants with a single payment terminal in a single location all the way to Fortune 100 merchants with thousands of payment terminals at locations across the globe, and millions of enrolled members.

We help merchants of all sizes increase sales, drive repeat visits, and leverage Big Data business intelligence to engage the 20% of their customers who bring them 80% of their revenue.

vPromos Platform powers vLoyalty.

The vPromos Platform leverages proprietary, patented enrollment technology that enables consumer loyalty and engagement enrollment directly via merchants’ payment terminals.

The vPromos Platform is an API-based, enterprise-grade, cloud-hosted SaaS platform designed for sensitive data and featuring redundant data center environments.

The vPromos Platform provides common functionality to our solutions across our Enterprise and Small Business segments.